Site by ReefNet Site by ReefNet was created in 2007 by various project partners:

The site continues to be developed by the team at Reefnet alongside the Live Hebrides team, who wish to use the site as a means of promoting the various benefits of broadband.

This site was lovingly crafted by ReefNet

The Team

For ReefNet

  • Anne Macaulay - Project Coordinator and Design
  • Alex Tearse - Technical Lead
  • David Heggie - Developer
  • Kevin Mackenzie - Developer
  • Jay Gooby - Developer

For Comhairle nan Eilean Siar

  • Anne Murray - Project Lead
  • Joe MacPhee - Comhairle Development Manager

The Steering Group

  • Donnie Morrison
  • Gillian Dykes
  • Joe Macphee
  • Julie Adair
  • Meg Rodger
  • Rona Macleod
  • Uisdean Macleod
  • Malcolm Maclean

The Trainers

  • Uisdean Macleod
  • Andy Mackinnon

Production Babies

  • Laura Tearse - 25th January 2007

The Technology

This site was developed in PHP5 using the excellent CakePHP framework, and some of the Zend framework. The site runs under Redhat Enterprise Linux. Video conversion makes use of ffmpeg, mplayer, mencoder and flvtool2 libraries. The player was built with Macromedia Flash and the MTAC Action Script compiler. Development was made considerably easier with the use of ActiveState Komodo.